GTA Online's Los Santos Tuners Update Gives Players Easy Money for Completing 1 Mission

GTA Online’s new Los Santos Tuners update gave players plenty to do, and as part of that update, [...]

GTA Online's new Los Santos Tuners update gave players plenty to do, and as part of that update, some new Contracts were added. Some of those were centered around robber-style missions. To encourage players to try those out, Rockstar Games said it's giving away a prize of GTA$200K, and all you have to do to collect that reward and a unique cosmetic born from a new collaboration is complete a Robbery Contract Finale.

Rockstar first talked about the Robbery Contract incentive whenever it detailed everything that'd be included in the Los Santos Tuners update. GTA Online's partnered up now with the streetwear brand Born x Raised, and through that partnership, players could get a free Born x Raised cosmetic for finishing a Robbery Contract Finale with the reward being distributed some time after August 2nd.

However, it appears that's not the only thing that players will get for their troubles. Rockstar said on Twitter this weekend that those who complete that mission will also get themselves the GTA$200K prize as well. Like the Born x Raised cosmetic reward outlined below, the cash prize will be distributed after August 2nd.

"Car culture and fashion have a long and intertwined history - streetwear label Born x Raised knows this all too well, and the evidence is now on the shelves of boutiques around Los Santos," the initial announcement about the mission reward said. "Keep an eye out for BxR's Olde English branding on KDJ's jacket, aka Moodymann, plus two new Born x Raised T-shirts, on the chests of locals in the know. Pick up the Black Born x Raised tee from any clothing store now, and unlock the White Born x Raised tee by completing a Robbery Contract Finale (delivered within 72 hours of login after August 2)."

This financial reward comes in addition to a similar bonus Rockstar previously announced after the Los Santos Tuners update released. Players flocked to GTA Online after the update launched to the point that a new record was set. To commemorate the occasion, Rockstar gave players some in-game money.

GTA Online's Los Santos Tuners update is now available across all platforms.