GTA Online Releases Los Santos Tuners Update

Rockstar Games announced last week plans to release the Los Santos Tuners update, the release that [...]

Rockstar Games announced last week plans to release the Los Santos Tuners update, the release that serves as the big summer update the publisher has been hyping up and players have been looking forward to. That update is now available across all platforms with plenty of new vehicles and other activities for players to pursue. Music, cosmetics, missions, and more make up much of the rest of the GTA Online content that's been added now.

Most of the Los Santos Tuners features available now were highlighted previously in Rockstar's rundown of what was changing. A total of 10 new vehicles have been added to the game with a promise of more to come soon along with the opportunity to earn some of these rides through the new Test Track feature that's been added as part of the LS Car Meet social hub.

"Look for the Prize Ride perched atop the LS Customs-branded Slamtruck and complete the Weekly Challenge for a chance to ride away in a brand-new ride – this week it's the scorching hot Annis Remus, up for grabs by placing top three in a Street Race for three days in a row between now and July 27," Rockstar said about the new update. "And make sure to check out this week's Test Rides vehicles, the new Karin Calico GTF and Annis Euros, and the unreleased Pfister Comet S2 coming next week — all three are available to take for a spin on the Test Track now."

While riding around in your new vehicles, you'll be able to listen to more music, too. Different tracks have been added along with rewards for players who hunt down media sticks around Los Santos. More clothing has also been added through a partnership with streetwear brand Born x Raised.

"Car culture and fashion have a long and intertwined history - streetwear label Born x Raised knows this all too well, and the evidence is now on the shelves of boutiques around Los Santos," Rockstar said. "Keep an eye out for BxR's Olde English branding on KDJ's jacket, aka Moodymann, plus two new Born x Raised T-shirts, on the chests of locals in the know. Pick up the Black Born x Raised tee from any clothing store now, and unlock the White Born x Raised tee by completing a Robbery Contract Finale (delivered within 72 hours of login after August 2)."

GTA Online's Los Santos Tuners update is now available across all platforms.