Halo 2's Infamous E3 2003 Level Finally Being Made for Master Chief Collection

Halo 2 is one of the most beloved entries in the series thanks to its solid story, innovative gameplay, and rock-solid multiplayer, but the game had some controversy when it launched. Halo 2 had an incredible E3 demo the year before the game was released and had gamers really excited. It showcased the game's high-end visuals (for the time, of course), highlighted new features like dual wielding, and showed a human city under attack after having the previous game set on an alien planet. It was incredibly cool and ended with an iconic Master Chief moment that hardcore fans remember quite well Well, this level, at least beat for beat, wasn't in the game. The general scenario of Chief helping fend off an attack in a human city was in the game, but it wasn't quite like this and it was one of the first major examples of an E3 demo not completely matching the final release. Halo 2 was notorious for its cut content... but two decades later, 343 Industries is rectifying this.

343 Industries has announced that it is working with modders to revive cut content from a few games like Halo 2 and incorporate them into The Master Chief Collection. In addition to some previously unplayable levels, this project will also add cut weapons, NPCs, vehicles, and more. Given this cut content wasn't completely finished and is about 20 years old, it has been a pretty grueling process and the team detailed the process extensively in a new blog post. The goal is to bring this content to every version of the game, but 343 isn't promising anything for consoles due to the nature of this aged material.

This is a pretty cool and unique project. While fans have done these types of things before, it's rare to see it done at such an official level and speaks to 343's love for the series. Whether it will be what fans have been dreaming of remains to be seen, but it's a welcomed addition nonetheless,

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