Halo Co-Creator Reveals Unused Guns 20 Years Later

Despite the fact that Halo: Combat Evolved has been out for nearly 20 years with the game’s [...]

Despite the fact that Halo: Combat Evolved has been out for nearly 20 years with the game's anniversary coming up in November, Halo fans are still learning new things about the game. Halo franchise co-creator Marcus Lehto assisted in that continued learning process this week by showing off a couple of different weapons that weren't ever released in the original Halo games. The weapons showcase was followed by other early Halo ideas as well after people received the first reveal well.

Lehto shared the tweet below last week to show off a couple of different Halo weapons from the early days before the game was even released. The weapons highlighted in the video come from a build of the game from 2000 and show things like a Concussion Gun, an Excavator, a Particle Beam Rifle, and a Microwave Gun. Given that it was an old build of the game, some effects accompanying the weapons don't work, but we at least get an idea of what they would've looked and sounded like had they been added to the game.

After showcasing the different Covenant weapons, Lehto presented another video that showed one of the weapons humans would've had access to had it been added. The weapon was a "Spear Gun," and as the name suggested, it fired projectiles that stuck into targets.

People seemed to like the reveals of the weapons, so Lehto continued by showing off more parts of the original Halo game such as an earlier design for Master Chief. The Spartan and his helmeted look is as iconic as it gets when it comes to Xbox games and characters, but the back of Master Chief originally looked a bit different compared to what actually made it into the game. Early designs featured a more lumpy looking backpack shape along with a retractable sword he'd keep holstered in the small of his back.

Each one of the Halo videos has been received well, so perhaps we'll see more Halo prototypes dug up in the future to show off other parts of the game.