Halo Infinite Reveals New Weapon, Vehicle, and Brutes

It has been nearly one full year since we have seen any new gameplay from Halo Infinite. While the [...]

It has been nearly one full year since we have seen any new gameplay from Halo Infinite. While the game was set to originally release last November, developer 343 Industries ended up delaying the project to fall of 2021 and has since opted to not show off any new footage. And while that silence in regards to new gameplay hasn't ended today, the studio has revealed a number of new details on Halo Infinite in a different manner.

In a new blog post on the official Halo website, 343 Industries teased a handful of new additions that will be appearing in Halo Infinite later this year. The studio said that it was showing off these new aspects of Halo Infinite as a way of tiding fans over for the "coming months". As for what was shown, the 343 revealed two new Brute warriors that players will apparently come across in-game as Master Chief. Tovarus and Hyperius are the names of these two Brutes that happen to be brothers. 343 also warned that "they aren't big fans of Spartans."

As for what else was shown, a new weapon known as the Scrap Cannon was also revealed. This gun is a Brute weapon and is nicknamed the "gatling mortar." Essentially, it looks like a stationary turret that Brutes can utilize to blow enemies away from a distance. When Master Chief gets his own hands on the weapon, though, he'll be able to turn it around on his foes in short order, much as he has done in previous installments in the series.

Last but not least, 343 Industries also briefly showed off a new vehicle that will be in Halo Infinite. Known as the Razorback, the vehicle is meant to be a "more spacious and robust cousin" of the Warthog. While it doesn't come with a turret mounted onto the back, it's something that you should be able to drive around with other Marines throughout the game.

While it's cool to see 343 continuing to show off new Halo Infinite details like this, we still don't know exactly when the game is poised to arrive just yet. For now, all we know with certainty is that it's going to be released later in 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. We should end up seeing more of the game in action later this summer, however, so stay tuned until that time to learn more.