Halo Infinite Finally Adding Forge Beta Soon

Halo Infinite creator 343 Industries announced the first firm details on the game's Winter Update this week while confirming that one of the game's long-awaited features, the Forge Mode, will finally be playable in the next few weeks. It'll be available first in a beta form that's going to first be available on November 8th when the Winter Update drops alongside other features like the addition of online campaign co-op and more.

The release of the open beta for Halo Infinite's Forge mode was announced in the video released by 343 Industries this week to give a broad overview of the Winter Update. Michael Schorr, the lead designer working on the Forge mode, said this iteration of the experience that's been around in Halo games for a long time now is the "most powerful Forge tool yet," though longtime Halo fans probably wouldn't expect any less from the latest Halo game.

Elsewhere in the video, the addition of this Forge tool was hyped up further by comparing it to the previous versions of the mode we've seen in the past. In Halo 5, for example, 343 Industries said that game supported a maximum of 1,600 objects in a Forge environment for users to play around with. In Halo Infinite, that object cap has been upped to 7,000.

"At Forge Launch we'll be supporting six canvases, and moving forward will be adding to canvases as we can," Schorr said. "The canvas diversity we have is pretty fantastic. In fact, we have a player requested canvas which is blank, which is just an empty canvas. So no matter what kind of experience you're trying to create with a canvas backdrop we've got your back."

Along with this Forge beta, Campaign Network Co-Op will also be added in the same Winter Update alongside a 30-tier battle pass for players to work through. This'll all be added on November 8th, so expect to see players finally taking advantage of the game's Forge mode then.