Halo Infinite Is Removing Another Season 2 Game Mode

Halo Infinite is ditching another of its game modes introduced in Season 2, a mode which "many players have enjoyed," developer 343 Industries said. That mode is Land Grab, and if you enjoy playing it, you'll want to get in a few more matches between now and September 20th, because that's when it's going to be removed. The Halo Infinite team said the mode would return at a later date as part of an event, and after that, players will see it once more as part of Quick Play, but not as its own standalone playlist.

The Land Grab removal was addressed this week in the latest playlist update overview for September. Land Grab got its own section of the blog post confirming its removal with 343 Industries saying interest in the mode has been "steadily declining" since it arrived during Season 2.

"On Tuesday, Sept. 20, the dedicated Land Grab playlist will be rotated out of matchmaking," 343 Industries said. "While we know many players have enjoyed this new mode introduced in Season 2, at this stage it's been steadily declining and starting to fall short of the quality bar for a positive player experience."

For those who did enjoy Land Grab on occasion and are sad to see it go even if it wasn't being played enough to warrant it having its own playlist slot, fear not: the game mode will return later in the month. We'll see it a bit more later in November.

"Land Grab will be back as part of the Entrenched event with Week 5 kicking off Sept. 27, and the final week slated to begin on Oct. 25," the post said. "Looking further ahead, Land Grab will roll into Quick Play as part of the Winter Update coming Nov. 8."

For those wondering how Land Grab was performing against other playlists, the following rankings were shared, too, to show what modes were most and least popular.

  1. Quick Play
  2. Ranked Arena
  3. Fiesta
  4. Team Slayer
  5. Big Team Battle
  6. Tactical Slayer
  7. Land Grab
  8. Ranked Doubles
  9. Team Doubles
  10. Team Snipers
  11. Rumble Pit
  12. Bot Bootcamp

Halo Infinite's Land Grab mode will be removed from the playlist options on September 20th.