Halo Infinite: New Tease Has Xbox Series X Fans Excited for July Reveal

It won't be long before fans finally see gameplay for Halo Infinite because Microsoft is set to [...]

It won't be long before fans finally see gameplay for Halo Infinite because Microsoft is set to debut some brand new footage next month. And while the Xbox Series X launch title is set to debut later this year, fans still don't know much about the latest Halo sequel. But all of that will change at an upcoming games showcase for Xbox Series X titles in July. Now Halo Infinite's community director Brian Jarrad is teasing some massive reveals for the event, prompting a lot of fans to get excited for the impending return of Master Chief to the Xbox.

Taking to Twitter, Jarrard teased that E3 this year was going to be 343 Industries "big year to own the show." However, as you will know, the show was canned due to the coronavirus pandemic, delaying the proper reveal of Halo Infinite to July. That said, obviously, 343 Industries is packing some serious heat, heat that it will presumably still be packing come the aforementioned July event.

"I know it's a trivial, meaningless thing given the state of this country and much more important issues... but in a parallel universe I'd be at e3 this week," said Jarrard. "I'm bummed. This was to be our big year to own the show. Missing all my industry friends and the annual shenanigans.

Of course, not only is Jarrard part of 343 industries, but he's their community director. In other words, his hype generating talk about the game should be taken with a grain of salt. However, despite some obvious bias, this hasn't stopped Halo and Xbox fans from getting excited. 343 Industries seems very confident about the game, and soon we will see and hear more about the title than the entirety of the last two years.

Halo Infinite is in development for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Barring any unexpected delay, it will release worldwide sometime this holiday season.