Halo Infinite Players Already Want Changes to Crossplay

For the most part, Halo Infinite has been a resounding success since its multiplayer mode surprise-launched earlier this month. A litany of people across Xbox and PC platforms have been diving into the game and have seemed to enjoy their time with it so far based on the consistently high player-totals that it boasts. Unfortunately, as time has gone on, some have started to discover new issues with Halo Infinite, leading to many now requesting alterations to the crossplay system. 

In a general sense, the problems that Halo Infinite players have started to experience center around cheating. Per usual with a first-person multiplayer shooter like this, some have already started to ruin the experience for everyone and by using tools like aimbots to give themselves a leg up on the competition. For the most part, these cheats and hacks have been mainly prevalent on PC given how much easier it is to implement them on the platform.

So how does this coincide with crossplay? Well, Halo Infinite is a game that naturally features crossplay between Xbox and PC platforms, but it's also something that 343 Industries doesn't allow players to ever turn off. As such, with so much cheating in multiplayer matches primarily occurring from those playing on PC, console players are starting to grow fed up with how common it is becoming. Because crossplay cannot be turned off, though, Halo Infinite players who want to solely play with others on Xbox consoles, and potentially diminish the level of cheating that is happening, cannot do so. 

At the time of this writing, 343 Industries hasn't said anything about whether or not it will soon make these requested changes to crossplay. For the most part, the studio is surely more focused on having Halo Infinite reach its official launch date on December 8. That being said, 343 has already shown since this multiplayer mode went live that it's willing to listen to what the community is saying. Because of this, perhaps an alteration to crossplay could come about in the future. 

Have you had any problems with cheaters in your short time with Halo Infinite? And do you think that 343 will soon add a component to crossplay that will allow players to turn the feature off? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

[H/T Eurogamer]