Halo TV Series: Episode 8 "Allegiance" Recap

Following a detour to Madrigal in Episode 7, the eighth episode of Halo takes us back to Reach where Master Chief (John) is still trying to wrap his mind around the vision that he saw of himself and Makee on the Halo ring. In turn, Makee is feeling the same way. Chief ends up taking Makee on a walk where the two talk about what they saw. They end up connecting on a deeper level and open up about their past histories to one another. 

Upon returning to the UNSC base, Master Chief ends up learning that a human colony was recently wiped out by a Covenant attack. In total, 11 million people were killed. Looking to fight back, Master Chief recommends that the UNSC lean on Makee to help learn where the Covenant are located. Although hesitant about the idea, UNSC leaders agree to this plan. 

Master Chief ends up visiting Makee in her quarters again later on and they continue to connect with one another. So much so, in fact, that they end up making love. Makee feels a great connection to Chief after this that she seemingly decides to abandon her ties to the Covenant. To do so, she removes the small laser knife-style weapon that was previously in her index finger. 

Even though she's been separated from the UNSC, Halsey still is residing on reach and has been keeping up with matters thanks to Cortana. Jacob Keyes ends up visiting Halsey in her home though and tells her that she is going to be forced to leave the planet. Feeling desperate, Halsey communicates with Makee and tries to convince her to bring the artifact to her with Master Chief. Makee turns down this idea and begins to fear what is happening. 

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Now put in an even more desperate position, Halsey invokes "Zed Protocol," and tells the Spartan members of Silver Team that the UNSC cannot be trusted. Kai, who previously removed her emotional inhibitor, tries to convince Riz and Vannak not to follow the orders that Halsey is giving. Halsey then tells the two that Kai has been compromised and they proceed to knock her out and hide her away. Cortana, who is privy to this plan that Halsey is enacting, feels greatly uncomfortable about the situation. 

Master Chief proceeds to meet up with Makee once again and the two begin to look to leave the UNSC base. Unknowingly, though, they are walking into a trap where Riz and Vannak are waiting to attack them. Cortana comes to Chief, betraying Halsey in the process, and lets him know about the trap. Realizing they've been compromised, Riz and Vannak emerge and begin fighting Master Chief while Makee flees. 

Master Chief puts up a fight against Riz and Vannak for as long as he can, but he's clearly outmatched. Before it looks like Chief is about to be killed, Kai shows up and begins fighting alongside him. Meanwhile, Makee runs into the leaders of the UNSC who happen to be dwelling in the room where the artifact resides. While in here, Miranda Keyes shows up and informs the heads that Makee was the one who previously killed members of a UNSC ship. Makee admits that she did this, but pleads for understanding now that she no longer wants to work with the Covenant. The UNSC doesn't listen though and instead begins to tase her. 

While Master Chief and Kai are locked in a stalemate against Riz and Vannak, Makee ends up reaching out and interacting with the artifact that she is near. Doing so causes a massive shockwave that ripples throughout the Reach base. Master Chief then sees Makee on Halo once again via a vision where she ends up telling him goodbye. 


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