Halo's Pablo Schreiber Talks About the Challenges of Wearing Master Chief's Armor

Pablo Schreiber, who is the star of the upcoming Halo TV series, has revealed that wearing the iconic armor of the franchise's main character, Master Chief, is really as cool as one would expect. The legendary Spartan, which has been the mascot of Xbox for the past 20 years, has long contained one of the most signature looks in this history of gaming. And while Schreiber has said that wearing the Master Chief suit was awesome, at the end of the day, it did come with some challenges. 

In a recent conversation with us here at ComicBook.com, we asked Schreiber about putting on the Master Chief suit for the Halo TV show and whether or not it made him feel like a badass. In short, that was very much the feeling that Schreiber said he had while in the suit. "The short answer is yes. Wearing the suit is one of the great pleasures and cosplay moments of my life," Schreiber said. "I mean, I'm the Master Chief. Who would've thunk, right?"

Despite being so thrilled to portray Master Chief in Halo, though, Schreiber explained that it was a difficult process to nail the character's suit. "The reality of getting the suit right was very challenging, as most things on the show were. It was a huge challenge because it's such a massive universe and such a crazy visual experiment to try to realize," he explained. "So I went to London about five or six times, to FBFX Studios who made the costume, this is all before we shot, just to try to get the suit right and make it fit right. And eventually, we ended up with something that was the best version of what we could do with it. And still, it was incredibly hot, incredibly uncomfortable and really makes you quite immobile and makes movement quite difficult. To then try to bring that to life and make it feel like it's this piece of future tech that actually makes you super capable rather than weighing you down with 50 pounds of plastic was one of our big challenges."

Even though it took a long time to get right, based on what we've seen of Master Chief's look in Halo so far, it seems like the creators of the suit ended up doing a stellar job. Time will only tell if the rest of Halo ends up being as good, but if nothing else, Schreiber's portrayal of Chief definitely seems promising. 

Halo is set to debut later this week on Paramount+ when the first episode launches on March 24th.