Hasbro Announces New Dungeons & Dragons Head

Hasbro has named Dan Rawson as its new Senior Vice President for the Dungeons & Dragons brand. Rawson was announced as the new head of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, filling a role that was posted four months ago. Rawson comes from the tech sector, having worked for Microsoft Dynamics 365 as COO, with previous stints at Coupang (a South Korean online marketplace) and Flipkart (an Indian e-commerce company.) Rawson's LinkedIn profile states that he is a Harvard and Kellogg educated former Marine captain. Rawson is also a Dungeons & Dragons player, having played the game as a child and now plays the game with his family. 

According to the press release naming Rawson, Hasbro stated that his job responsibilities will include "lead overall Dungeons & Dragons brand growth and profitability across digital, physical, and entertainment." The job listing's responsibilities notes that Rawson will serve as the primary senior spokesperson for the brand internally and externally, and will be responsible for evolving the D&D tabletop experience to include both physical and digital environments. 

Wizards of the Coast president Cynthia Williams specifically cited Rawson's digital experience in a press statement, noting the increased "digital capabilities and opportunities" for Dungeons & Dragons thanks to the acquisition of D&D Beyond earlier this year. The press release stated that "Mr. Rawson's e-commerce skillset and digital-first experience will lend itself to continuing to support the growth of D&D Beyond alongside Dungeons & Dragons overall."

"Leading D&D is the realization of a childhood dream," said Rawson in the press release announcing his hire. "I'm excited to work with Cynthia once again, and I'm thrilled to work with a talented team to expand the global reach of D&D, a game I grew up with and now play with my own kids."

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