Heavy Rain Sells Big For Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream isn’t your typical game developer, as the team relies more on storytelling and [...]


Quantic Dream isn't your typical game developer, as the team relies more on storytelling and choice making instead of the usual action we've come to expect from other companies. But sometimes gambles pay off big, and today the company's initial effort reached a new sales peak that proves it.

Over on its official Facebook page, the developer confirmed that the game Heavy Rain managed to sell 4.5 million units worldwide across both PlayStation 3 (where the game originated) and PlayStation 4 (where an HD port recently became available). This is a huge leap from its sales numbers first reported back in 2013, where the game sold three million copies and managed to gross $100 million. Not bad for an offbeat little adventure that focused on the hunt for the dreaded Origami Killer.

"We are very proud to announce that combined sales of Heavy Rain on PS3 (released in 2010) and PS4 (released in 2016) are now in excess of 4.5 million units worldwide," the team boasted. "Kuddos to our fans!"

The team has been working on unique storytelling-based games for years, starting with the provocative Heavy Rain and moving on to the adventure Beyond: Two Souls, which also started out on the PlayStation 3 before seeing an HD port on the PlayStation 4. (For good measure, the follow-up from Quantic Dream saw some serious star power, as Beyond features actress Ellen Page and actor Willem Dafoe.)

Both games are still available for purchase on PlayStation 4. In fact, you can get a pretty good combo deal right now for $39.99 that includes both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, if you feel like getting both of them in one shot. They're worth checking out, especially if you're looking for something to tide you over while you wait for the company's next release, Detroit: Become Human, which could be getting a showcase during Sony's E3 press conference next month.

Detroit currently doesn't have a release date, but it could come out sometime this year, pending any possible delays for it.

Congrats to Quantic Dream on reaching a new sales peak with Heavy Rain. Kinda makes us want to dive back into the game again…