Horizon: Zero Dawn Developer Expands, Working On ‘New and Existing’ Franchises

Guerrilla Games

Horizon: Zero Dawn has become an immense success for the development team at Guerrilla Games, selling millions of copies and becoming one of the most popular PlayStation 4 games ever. So it shouldn’t be a surprise then that the developers are making a move to something bigger.

The company recently confirmed that it’s set to move into a new five-floor office next year, one located in a former Telegraaf office with 7,300 square meters of space. That means a lot of room for motion capture, programming, the works. It can house over 400 employees, although the developer only has 250 at the moment. No doubt it’ll be expanding very soon.

But what’s more, managing director Hermen Hulst, speaking with Het Parool, hinted that there are big things to come from Guerrilla. “After Horizon: Zero Dawn, we are accelerating, the best talents are coming to us, and last month we have already hired nine new people, but we also needed more space for our sound and motion tracking studios,” he said. “We have worked at Horizon for 6.5 years, which is exceptional: we want to release games in the two or three years, both new titles and games based on existing titles.” Though no specific franchises were mentioned, it sounds like the team’s hard at work on a Horizon follow-up -- and maybe even something from the Killzone series as well. (That’s the franchise the developer made favorite before it tackled its ambitious open-world PS4 adventure. By the way, go check out Killzone 3.)

That said, there is some slight concern that the team’s expansion may have them move to another area outside of Amsterdam. “My fear was always that we would have to leave the city, but Amsterdam is part of our identity,” he said. “This is where we came into existence and we have always been in our ambition to be the best game company in the world.” We’ll have to see where they end up.

Most of the top floor will be reserved as communal space, although there will be statues based on some of the company’s most popular characters, including Horizon’s Aloy. “We’re going to turn it into a palace,” he said.


Good luck to the company on their move. Now then...when can we expect this Horizon: Zero Dawn follow-up…?

You can play the original Horizon now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.