Injustice 2 Watchtower LIVE! High-Level Starfire Gameplay and Release Date

It's time for another Injustice 2 Watchtower livestream! It's scheduled to begin at 3PM Central, [...]

It's time for another Injustice 2 Watchtower livestream! It's scheduled to begin at 3PM Central, but they always start late. If it's been a few minutes, refresh this page to load up the stream. Today Tyler and the NetherRealm crew are going to be doing a deep-dive into the energy-spewing mistress of radiation: Starfire. Watch the stream above to get your first look at high-level Starfire gameplay and, maybe if we're really lucky, we'll even get a hint (or trailer!) about the next fighter pack containing our next three DLC characters.

If you've hung out with us for past Watchtower streams, then you know exactly what to expect by now. Tyler will be joined on stream by an associate or character designer to chat a little bit about Starfire, and then the crew will typically take questions from their fans. Don't expect any huge revelations or announcements to come out of the question and answer segment; if you snuck in a question on Twitter about whether or not Black Manta is coming as the next DLC character then prepare to be disappointed. They save that kind of stuff for the trailer reveals.

After Q&A, assuming there's no impending update on the way, we'll get to the good stuff. This stream should be full of fantastic tips and tricks for Starfire, since we'll get to watch some QA professionals who have already spent countless hours playing as her show us all of the best openings, combos, and uses for her various special moves. If you plan on maining Starfire when she releases tomorrow, this is a stream that you can't afford to miss.

The internet is also abuzz with hope and speculation that we may see a trailer for Fighter Pack 2 today. Fighter Pack 2 will contain the next three DLC characters, and we're pretty sure that Black Manta will be one of those three (though we're 100% on that quite yet). If we do get a new Fighter Pack trailer, then we'll get the HD version up right away with all of the details, so stay tuned!