Iron Man Video Game Concept Art Reveals Bizarre Unused Armor Design

A newly discovered piece of Iron Man video game concept art has started making the rounds on [...]

A newly discovered piece of Iron Man video game concept art has started making the rounds on social media. The image was first shared by Twitter user @allosaurhell, and features a unique take on the Iron Man armor that's quite different from any armor we've seen in previous media. The armor still has the classic red and gold color scheme that's most often associated with the hero, but it has some notable differences. Iron Man's breastplate features an "S.I.," presumably for Stark Industries, as well as a helmet that's much heavier on the gold than most designs. It's a bit strange, to say the least!

The armor design can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

While this certainly seems to be an official piece of concept art, there has been a bit of debate on social media where exactly it debuted. The Tweet above claims that it came from a debug build of the video game based on Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3. However, video game developer @Scrubz_Animate believes it may have actually been intended for 2008's Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. The two games came out within a year of one another, and apparently used the same engine, as well as other shared assets. However, the games based on Sony's movies would have likely been limited to Spider-Man characters. Meanwhile, Web of Shadows featured additional Marvel characters, such as Wolverine.

Regardless of which game the design came from, it's certainly an interesting piece! It's unclear why this design didn't see the light of day. A lot can change during a game's development process, and it's possible Iron Man's presence was simply an early idea that ended up scrapped. Developers and publishers aren't the best at preserving their own history, so it's always nice to see concept art like this resurface. It's just one way of showing gamers a glimpse at what might have been!

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