Jim Carrey Compares Batman Villain The Riddler to Sonic Nemesis Dr. Robotnik

It's been a while since moviegoers have seen comedic legend Jim Carrey really bring his zany side [...]

It's been a while since moviegoers have seen comedic legend Jim Carrey really bring his zany side to wide audiences. He's turned in great performances over the last few years with projects like Kidding and The Bad Batch, but the classic Carrey roles haven't exactly been prominent for quite a long time. That changes next month with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog, where Carrey plays the villain Dr. Ivo Robotnik and gets another chance to bring a wild and wacky villain to life.

Robotnik is the kind of villain that is usually the smartest one in any given room. He's foiled quite often by his nemesis, Sonic, but it's never for a lack fo intricate planning. Honestly, when you look at Robotnik on paper, it's easy to be reminded of Riddler, the classic Batman villain that Carrey played in 1995's Batman Forever.

Both Riddler and Robotnik are flashy bad guys with a penchant for elaborate plots, and fans will have no trouble comparing the two. In fact, Carrey sees a lot of similarities in the characters as well. Carrey spoke with ComicBook.com at the press junket for Sonic the Hedgehog this past weekend, and he spoke about how Robotnik and Riddler share a lot of the same DNA.

"Well, I think I think they're both basically spinning. They're both spinning in the tree of knowledge. They're leaping from branch to branch and falling occasionally," Carrey explained. "I wouldn't put one against the other. I think they'd be a great team. But you know, it's like Robotnik and every super villain basically comes from a place of neglect with a feeling of absolute worthlessness that manifests itself in in magnificent creations that are designed to control the world, put their brand on everybody, and maybe even get inside your bloodstream with some nanotechnology occasionally."

Any longtime fan of Carrey's will undoubtedly love hearing just how much like Riddler this new villain is. It sounds like we'll have another classic Carrey character on the big screen when Sonic finally makes its big screen debut.

You can watch our full interview with Jim Carrey in the video above.

Sonic the Hedgehog hits theaters on February 14th.