'Jump Force' Trailer Teases 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure' Character

Bandai Namco’s newest teaser trailer for Jump Force seems to be hinting at a new character from [...]

Bandai Namco's newest teaser trailer for Jump Force seems to be hinting at a new character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Jotaro is the character from the series who's expected to be revealed soon with the video and the text in the tweet itself alluding to the character. The repeated "YES!" at the beginning is unmistakable to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans who remember one of Jotaro's fights that's shown in the video further down for any who might've forgotten or missed it.

The Jump Force teaser is welcome news for anyone who's been asking for a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character in the game that already unites so many manga and anime fighters, but it's not totally unexpected news seeing how Jotaro's reveal was spoiled over a week ago when an advertisement for the game apparently went up too early. A sponsored post which appeared on some people's social media timelines showed Naruto, Yugi, and Goku standing near each other, all of which are characters who have already been confirmed for Jump Force. But among them were some unannounced characters, one of which was Jotaro from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

That same ad also showed a Dragon Quest character named Dai, though neither that fighter nor Jotaro have been officially confirmed to be in Jump Force yet. With Bandai Namco's latest teaser that's shown above, it seems that the company is preparing to fully reveal Jotaro to be in Jump Force soon.

Should Jotaro's unveiling come soon, it'll follow the reveal of more characters from the Naruto series, four of which were just confirmed for the game not long ago. Bandai Namco also brought back the game's open beta for a few more test sessions after it initially cancelled the remaining beta times to work on the game more and create a better beta experience. The final session for the open beta is scheduled to take place on February 2nd, Bandai Namco said.

Jump Force is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 15th.