'Kingdom Hearts III': How To Unlock Secret Ending

Kingdom Hearts III has hit shelves in the U.S., and the game has been a long time coming. With the [...]

Kingdom Hearts III has hit shelves in the U.S., and the game has been a long time coming. With the title in hand, gamers are already marathoning through its story, but they should know a piece of it is missing.

After all, Square Enix will be patching in the game's final story pieces, and fans will not want to miss out on them.

If you are wanting to unlock Kingdom Hearts III's epilogue or secret video, you better listen up. The only way to access these videos will be through downloading several game updates, and each patch will come free of charge.

The epilogue will be made available to all fans, and the only requirement to view it will be beating the game. The update schedule for Kingdom Hearts III said the patch would go live on January 30, but some players have been able to access the epilogue on launch day.

As for the game's secret video, it is scheduled to be patched on January 31. Little is known about the reel but the game's Twitter says "plays will need to have completed Kingdom Hearts III and seen the ending" to view it — but that is not all. The secret video also requires gamers to have "fulfilled certain criteria during play" to unlock the clip, and that criteria will vary for the difficulty level selected at the game's start.

Square Enix has been cagey about what criteria each level requires, but reports have connected them to the game's lucky emblems. Armed with a smartphone, Sora is tasked with finding hidden Mickey icons throughout the game and snapping photos of them. It is said this secret video is unlocked when gamers hit the needed number of found icons, and that number varies by difficulty level. So, if you want in on the secret ending, fans better get to snapping and take time to explore each world Sora visits real carefully.

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