Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Reveals New Characters

The upcoming (and recently delayed) Kingdom Hearts video game Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has [...]

The upcoming (and recently delayed) Kingdom Hearts video game Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road has revealed several new characters that will be involved in it... somehow. As is typical for the franchise, it's unclear exactly how the characters -- Hermod, Bragi, Vor, and Urd -- will actually impact, well, anything, but it would seem that they were friends with young Xenahort and Eraqus, two major characters in the long-running franchise.

While the game had previously shown both the young version of Xenahort and Eraqus, this is as mentioned above the first actual look at entirely new characters for the game. Xenahort and Eraqus appear to be training to be Keyblade wielders in the game, though it's unclear what happens after that point. You can check out new images of all of the above characters below:

Beyond the new characters, details for Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road are fairly sparse. It appears that it will be a card-based battler that will showcase Xenahort's past. It also appears to largely take cues from the other Kingdom Hearts mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], and will seemingly have a direct connection to it with the ability to launch Dark Road from within Union χ[Cross].

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road does not yet have a firm release date. According to a recent update, it would appear that it was originally intended for a Spring 2020 release, but that has since slipped. An update is expected at some point this month. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Kingdom Hearts franchise right here.

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