Kingdom Hearts 3 Monsters Inc. Trailer Released

UPDATE: We've added the trailer that now includes subtitles! Check it out above.ORIGINAL STORY: [...]

UPDATE: We've added the trailer that now includes subtitles! Check it out above.

ORIGINAL STORY: It's been quite a drought when it comes to news on Kingdom Hearts III, with the last few tidbits promising a world based on Toy Story, as well as a closer look at combat.

But that changed just a little bit ago, when the D23 Expo in Japan kicked off, and a Kingdom Hearts III press conference took place. With it, we not only learned about a new world that's being introduced to the game, but also when we'll finally be able to know when it comes out.

The trailer above introduces the new world about midway in, and it's none other than…Monsters Inc.! Based on the hit Disney/Pixar film of the same name, the world will re-introduce Sully and Mike into the folk, along with Boo. (We actually saw hints of this a while ago, but now it's official!)

More importantly, Sora, Goofy and Donald will fit right into the world of monsters, as they'll be changed into monsters themselves. (Some people have already been clamoring about that "furry Sora" -- it's sure to be a cosplay favorite down the line.)

Granted, they'll still have all their abilities as they fight their way through this monstrous world, including the warehouse where all the doors are kept. It's pretty awesome. Now we just have to see if Square will bring in John Goodman and Billy Crystal, respectively, to voice the characters.

Oh, and fans of the series will also recognize Marluxia and Vanitas, who make their return. (And you're not seeing things -- that's The Little Mermaid's Ariel as a summon!)

There's also gameplay that takes place in the world of Tangled, in which our heroes (changed back to their normal selves) team up with Rapunzel, who lends a hand utilizing her ever-flowing hair.

The trailer also features glimpses from an expanded part of Toy Story, in which Woody and Buzz, along with Sora, board a rocket and attempt to take down a UFO.

You can watch the whole trailer above. It's the Japanese one, but we're pretty sure a U.S. translated trailer will appear shortly, and we'll update this story accordingly. There's also a trailer below for the official theme song for the game! (UPDATE: Added the U.S. version!)

Still, nice to see the Monsters back in play! But some other news made the rounds as well, as Square Enix announced just when we'll be able to learn more about the game's release.

So, yeah, it's kind of an announcement that's a prelude to an announcement, but it confirmed that it will reveal the release date for Kingdom Hearts III – for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. More than likely, it'll set aside some time during either Sony or Microsoft's pre-E3 presentation (we're betting on Sony), or maybe a showcase of its own.

Whatever the case, we'll have full details. For now, though, enjoy the new trailer above, and look forward to the game…soon? Because we'll finally know how soon. This year, for sure.