Kratos Overtakes Oakland NBA Basketball Game With Enormous God of War Trailer

Some games just deserve the big-screen treatment, you know? Tell us you wouldn’t drool [...]

God of War PlayStation

Some games just deserve the big-screen treatment, you know? Tell us you wouldn't drool feverishly at the thought of seeing a Dragon Ball FighterZ match-up on an enormous IMAX screen.

Well, Sony apparently has the right idea, and during a promotional appearance at an NBA game in Oakland last night, it put its forthcoming God of War game on full display – actually, on the basketball court itself.

ESPN posted a video of the game trailer being shown, and though it cuts back and forth between the actual trailer and what's transmitted on the show floor, it's a pretty neat promotion. You can watch it in the tweet below.

It's the latest promotion by Sony for the forthcoming return of Kratos, and it also made proper use of the video screen above the court, although, really, the show was about the tremendous size of the trailer filling the entire court.

You can probably expect these promotions to continue in the weeks ahead, leading up to the game's release in a couple of months. We previously saw Sony overtake Facebook with a special text adventure, telling us more about his young charge, Atreus, and his murky past. And who knows, we could see a playable version pop up at a trade show well before then.

As for the basketball stunt itself, it got a lot of responses from fans, mostly in support of the game. But there were some humorous jabs as well. For example, @captain_jack24 had this hilarious jab to add:

The God of War podcast team had nothing but praise.

Needless to say, excitement for the new God of War has built to a fever pitch. Now it's just a matter of what promotional steps Sony takes next to push the game to new heights.

God of War will release on April 20 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.