LawBreakers Patch Adds Season Rewards, Balance Changes

The newest update for LawBreakers is now live, and with it came a wave of new balance changes [...]

The newest update for LawBreakers is now live, and with it came a wave of new balance changes alongside season rewards for those active in the debut season of Boss Leagues.

As communications director Rohan Rivas points out in the developer update video above, this update isn't a large one. The patch notes themselves will show you that with only a few being tweaks being made, but it does make some quality-of-life changes to address some concerns that the community has raised recently. Rivas explained some of the changes in greater detail within the update video, but you can always consult the patch notes found below for the quick hits from the most recent LawBreakers patch.

  • Season Rewards added for Boss Leagues Season 0.

    • These rewards can be redeemed on November 30.

  • Various Boss League UI fixes.

  • Battle Medic Low Fuel issue fixed.

  • Enforcer's Aerator Max Damage per hit lowered from 25 → 23.

    • "We've reduced the Enforcer's ability to shred targets at close range by reducing the maximum damage output per shot on Aerator. Enforcer players should look to work in their Badger at mid to close range to maximize damage output."

  • Gateway collision issues fixed.

  • Gateway exploits fixed.

But outside of the basic balance changes and bugfixes that are typically included in the patches, the end-of-season rewards will also soon be available when Season 0 concludes at the end of the month. Once the first Boss Leagues season is finished on Nov. 30, players who completed their placement matches will receive some silver weapon skins and a special icon. The best part of the rewards is that you'll be able to choose your own weapons skins that you receive at the end of the season. Details are still somewhat scarce on how the rewards will work, but more information is expected to come soon. The Blitzball Stash Drops will also be phased out at the end of the season, so you have from now until the end of the month to get the skins that you need.

LawBreakers' Patch 2.1 is now live, so check out the new changes and take advantage of the skins and the countdown to the end of the season while you still can.