League Of Legends Apologizes After Arcade Ward Mix-Up

The new Arcade event in League of Legends has introduced in-game content including skins and [...]

League Of Legends Arcade
(Photo: Riot Games)

The new Arcade event in League of Legends has introduced in-game content including skins and special wards, but an error in bundle packaging has led to the devs apologizing after some players had part of their purchase excluded.

Three new Battle Boss skins were added for Malzahar, Brand, and Ziggs with the new Arcade content, all of which were bundled together into a Mini-Boss Set with a Summoner Icon for each. Special Arcade-themed crafting loot is also included, and for a brief time, the Game On ward skin was part of the bundle. After some players saw the initial announcement and purchased the bundle later with expectations to have the reward, many were surprised to see that it wasn't part of the deal any longer and wanted to know what was going on.

"Thanks to everyone for calling this out," said Riot DontHassleDeHoff in a post on the League boards. "Here's what happened: Our site and our store incorrectly listed the Game On Ward Skin as part of the Mini Boss Set and a bunch of people bought the set expecting the ward skin."

The Rioter went on to clarify that if you bought the set within a certain time frame with expectations that you'd have the skin, you'll still receive the ward.

"First things first: anyone that purchased the Mini Boss Set up until 9:00 am PT on 8/11/17 will be granted the Game On Ward Skin," the Rioter added.

Continuing the post, DontHassleDeHoff apologized for the rushed feeling of the Arcade event, citing another earlier change where the Dungeon Pass item had an RP decrease. The Dungeon Pass purchase was always supposed to be 1495 RP, a price that was originally set at 2600 RP by mistake. For this first mistake and the second mix-up, an apology and a promise to do better was issued.

"As we ramp up our abilities to do more events like these (and bigger ones like VS.), we know we need to improve," the Rioter concluded. "There's no excuses for these types of errors. Again, we're really sorry this happened."

The Arcade event with the accompanying loot are still underway, so make sure you complete the missions and cash in on your earnings before the even ends.