League Of Legends' Ardent Censer Receiving Nerfs Soon

(Photo: Riot Games)

Ardent Censer is one League of Legends item that's definitely in line for nerfs in the next patch, but those champions who make such good use of the item will likely remain untouched, for now.

The base stats of the support item seem to be fine as it, but the item's passive effect is the area that's being looked at for nerfs. Because there are so several factors that play into the power of Ardent Censer such as the champion wielding it and other items used alongside it, the plan is to nerf just Ardent Censer for now and go further from there if need be.

'We'll be nerfing Ardent Censer in 7.17," Riot Meddler said recently in a Gameplay Thoughts post. "Because of that we'll likely be leaving Janna and Taric untouched for a patch, see what impact that Censer nerf, especially following the recent Coin nerf, has on their performance."

With the current state of the meta in League, Janna has become quite the popular pick given her ability to disengage at will while also providing ample shields and peels to her teammates. Janna did have some nerfs that were being tested on the support as well with the intention of making the champion more skill-based when it comes to tossing out tornadoes, but those changes have since been reverted.

"Still looking to get some more skill expression into Janna's kit as well at some point, though the team haven't felt the recently tested changes did a great job of that so will be trying some other stuff at some point," Meddler added.

Below are the current changes that are being tested for Ardent Censer on the PBE, according to stats reported by Surrender@20.

Ardent Censer

  • Unique Passive attack speed lowered from 20-35% to 25%
  • Unique Passive health drain lowered from 20-35 health to 25

The nerfs on the PBE aren't tremendous changes, but as stated before, there are plenty of factors that play into the power of Ardent Censer. This item isn't one of the ones that Ornn can upgrade with his passive, either, so you won't have to worry about the item getting powered up back to its current state as the game goes on.