League of Legends Champion Roadmap Coming Next Week with "Something Extra"

A new Champion Roadmap outlining future plans for League of Legends champions both new and old is [...]

League of Legends Aatrox
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new Champion Roadmap outlining future plans for League of Legends champions both new and old is said to be coming next week with some familiar faces and perhaps some surprises.

The Champion Roadmaps, led by Riot Reav3, come every so often to give updates on large-scale plans for new champions and reworks of current characters. Recent updates have provided a preview of Ornn, the announcement of Irelia's rework, teasers for Evelynn, and a continued commitment to look at Aatrox's kit, and a new one will be unveiled next week, according to Riot Reav3.

When the question of when the next Champion Roadmap would come was raised on Reddit, Riot Reav3 responded to a suggestion that the update would come this week by saying "I said the week after [Swain hits PBE], should be sometime next week." After being asked for a hint on how many champion this Champion Roadmap would deal with, Riot Reav3 gave an idea of what to expect.

"It's going focus on the next new champ, Irelia, Aatrox the next VGU after Irelia, and maybe a little something extra," Riot Reav3 said.

This means that the next new champion – whoever that may be – will have a teaser that'll likely be similar to Ornn's and Zoe's to share a few indicators as to what role the champion will fill. Pay close attention to standout words used to figure out more about the champion's kit as well in the same way that Zoe's teaser referenced sleep to preview her new Drowsy CC that's exclusive to the champ.

Irelia and Aatrox are two fighters that'll be a welcome sight in the Champion Roadmap as well with more details coming about each of their reworks. Irelia is currently scheduled to receive a Visual and Gameplay Update according to the champion update schedule while Aatrox is slated to get a Gameplay Update. This means that Irelia's visuals will be updated as well, like Swain's, where Aatrox's update will focus solely on his abilities and gameplay.

However, the best part of these Champion Roadmaps is the unexpected reveals, and that's exactly what'll be coming in the next update. The "little something extra" mentioned by Reav3 already has players speculating what it'll be or who will be reworked next, but that won't be revealed until the Champion Roadmap goes up sometime next week.