League of Legends Is Reworking One of Its "Most Frustrating" Champions

League of Legends patch notes for the 12.23 update went live this week, and while there were some interesting changes to read over, one of the most notable bits of the patch notes was found within the notes left by the developers. Specifically, in Yuumi's section of the patch notes, the League designers said that they're beginning work on a "larger scale Yuumi rework." The comments acknowledged the many frustrations around Yuumi and outlined some of the goals Riot's holding going into this rework.

Yuumi, for those who haven't been around League for as long as others, is the constant topic of debate among players who dislike her attach mechanic where she hops on an ally and can't be targeted. Combine that with heals, shields, and crowd control to dissuade attackers, and you've got a recipe for a champion that people are very much against to the point that it's banned just so that players don't have to deal with it.

"Yuumi has simultaneously been one of the most frustrating and most popular/played champs in the game," Riot said to open Yuumi's section of the patch notes. "We think there's a better place for Yuumi where we can deliver on her gameplay fantasy for her players while also making her less frustrating to play against."

And from there, the rework was confirmed. Riot wants to limit Yuumi's impact on enemy champions while making it so that victory depends more on how her lane performs. For context, Yuumi players often hop off the marksman as the game goes on and instead attach to fighters, bruisers, and others with high carry potential that become even more unkillable with a Yuumi on their back.

"We've started work on a larger scale Yuumi rework to help this cat land in a much healthier spot," Riot continued. "We want to highlight what Yuumi as an attached, untargetable enchanter can provide to her team. As an early goal, we want to limit her aggressive CC outputs/damage, emphasize more defensive/enchanter outputs, reduce her scaling, and make her more dependent on her own lane's success to win games. We'll have some more news to share on this in the future, but for now we appreciate your patience as we work on Yuumi."

Riot did not give a timeframe for when this new update would be released.