League of Legends Releases a Creepy Fiddlesticks Teaser

Riot Games released a new League of Legends teaser this week to hype up the rework of Fiddlesticks, and this teaser cinematic shows more than ever how Fiddlesticks is shaping up to be straight nightmare fuel. The cinematic called “Terror in Demacia” shows two Demacian soldiers camping out in the woods before Fiddlesticks makes his grand entrance. It looks like the teaser is also hinting at what some of Fiddlesticks’ reworked abilities might look like, but we’ll of course have to wait until his full reveal to see what the updated champion is capable of.

The teaser for Fiddlesticks can be seen above, a shorter video than a full-fledged cinematic but a longer teaser than you’d expect. The two soldiers discuss “filthy mages” which Demacia is very much against before one of the soldiers, Tedric, is swept away into the woods. Following the sound of Tedric’s voice, the other soldier head into the woods towards a lantern only to find the structure collapse when he gets to close.

It’s then that we get to see Fiddlesticks in full. It’s revealed that the champion’s actually the one mimicking Tedric’s voice when it screams “Help me!” before going back to looking as much like a scarecrow as it can. The champion snaps to life with some jerking motions before dropping to all fours and running towards the soldier.

Those who’ve been following the Fiddlesticks rework’s development may recall that Riot previously entertained the idea of having Fiddlesticks copy the voices of his victims. It appears from this teaser that the rework is moving forward with that idea.

“Any type of voice it might have wouldn’t sound like a person, but rather a projection: Just as a scarecrow is the crude facsimile of a human being, its voice could be a crude mimicry of people it has come across/killed,” Riot said previously.


People also floated the idea of having decoys pop up throughout the jungle that looked like Fiddlesticks, thus making enemies guess whether it was the real champion or just an imitation. The first part of the teaser where the soldier approaches what he thinks is Tedric certainly looks like an ability of that nature, though that won’t be known for certain until the champion’s reworked abilities are revealed.

Teasers like this one usually precede the imminent reveal of the champion or rework, so expect to see more on Fiddlesticks’ rework soon.