League of Legends: Diana Rework on the Horizon

kit that ensures her numbers will always be either too high or too low, and it doesn't help that [...]

Diana 2
(Photo: Riot Games)

Fans of one of the League's oldest assassins have been clamoring for ages to have something done about her balance or lack thereof. For years now, Diana players have lamented her sorry state. Her last round of nerfs hit her hard and eliminated what was more or less her final viable playstyle, the Nashor's Tooth side laner. Now Diana suffers from a somewhat outdated (and unreliable) kit that ensures her numbers will always be either too high or too low, and it doesn't help that modern itemization has somewhat left her in the dust. It's not good to be a Diana when all of your mid lane opponents have the ability to build an item that has 60 MR and the ability to negate the opening spell upon which your entire kit relies.

Well, help may soon be on the way for Diana, as Meddler confirmed yesterday that Riot Games was looking to make changes to Diana, though the scope of those changes came as a surprise.

"We don't have work currently underway for Diana, wanted to mention her though since it's been quite a while since we mentioned her, however," Meddler began. "Our belief is whenever we next look at Diana we should be doing some changes beyond just balance, so probably a mini-update like Rek'Sai or Heimer's. Unsure when exactly that would be, but did want to mention we're not just forgetting she exists or unaware of player feeling she needs help."

Whether or not Rek'Sai and Heimerdinger are great points of comparison is up for debate, however. Rek'sai may well be the worst mini-rework that Riot has ever done, as her win rate has done nothing but plummet since her release, and most pros consider her one of the worst junglers in the game now. On the flip side, half the community seems adamant that the Heimerdinger rework actually broke the champion, he just isn't played often enough for anyone to have noticed. Fans of Diana knows what happens when she becomes even slightly overpowered. She gets nerfed. Brutally and mercilessly. We've all been down that road before, and I, for one, hope that the inevitable Diana rework manages to put her at a more appropriate power level -- though it's admittedly hard to point out a rework in the last two years that's managed that. Hopefully, Diana can be the exception to that rule.