League of Legends Could Already Be Reversing a Major Season 12 Change

It looks like one of the biggest changes that has come to League of Legends in Season 12 might already be getting removed from the game. Compared to previous Seasons, Riot Games opted to not tweak a whole lot in Season 12 of the popular MOBA. However, of the updates that were made, the addition of two new dragons with the Chemtech Drake and the Hextech Drake were likely the biggest ones seen in League of Legends. And while these implementations at face value were enticing to a number of fans, it looks like the Chemtech Drake could soon get taken out of the game as a whole. 

Since Season 12 of League of Legends formally started last week, players have started to complain in large numbers that the Chemtech Drake is unbalanced. In case you don't know what this dragon does, when teams obtain the Chemtech Drake soul, it gives players the ability to remain alive for a set period of time after they would typically die. In doing so, this gives a direct advantage to players when it comes to team fights. And while Riot initially didn't think that this buff would be unbalanced, recent statistics that have come about since the beginning of Season 12 have suggested otherwise.  

In a new post on Reddit, a Riot Games developer by the name of GreaterBelugaWhale seemed to hint that the studio is looking to overhaul or completely remove the Chemtech Drake from League of Legends. "If we come to the conclusion something is bad, we assess the priority to change or remove it, as with everything in League," the Riot game designer said in response to a thread filled with players complaining about the Drake. Another developer by the name of RiotAxes then chimed in as well and said that the studio is currently surveying fans on what they'd like to see done in the future. "We're fielding a survey. It'll be a bit before we get results. The Reddit and English-speaking social media backlash is clear, but that hasn't always meant players overall disliked a feature in the past," the dev explained. 

At this point in time, the future of the Chemtech Drake in League of Legends remains uncertain. While Riot will have to finish its survey before it makes any sweeping changes, it definitely sounds like the studio is open to removing the dragon from the game if that's what fans unanimously state that they want. 

How would you feel about League of Legends making such a big alteration so early in Season 12? And do you think that the Chemtech Drake is unbalanced? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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