League of Legends Is Bringing Back a Much-Hated Feature

League of Legends is gearing up to bring back a feature that was so unpopular with fans that Riot Games ended up removing it from the title entirely. As part of the major new changes to the long-running MOBA that came about in early 2022, League of Legends added two new dragons to the game: Hextech and Chemtech. While Hextech and its accompanying features ended up largely integrating into the game pretty naturally, the abilities that were granted to players via the Chemtech dragon were found to be so overpowered that Riot ended up deleting it from League of Legends altogether. Now, after some time back in the oven, Riot is going to bring back the Chemtech Drake in the near future. 

As part of the 2023 Preseason patch for League of Legends that will be releasing in the next month, Riot has confirmed that the Chemtech Drake will now be coming back to the game. Although this might sound concerning at first, Riot has completely overhauled the Chemtech Drake and the power it grants to players with its statistical buffs and soul ability. Additionally, the effect that the Chemtech Drake now has on Summoner's Rift will be much different than before. Rather than granting specific areas of camouflage on the map as was seen with the previous version, the Chemtech Rift will now feature improved Blast Cones, Honey Fruit, and Scryer's Bloom. 

When it comes to the soul ability of the Chemtech dragon, it will now give players the ability to deal greater damage when their health is below a certain threshold. This ability should give players a massive boost in team fights, but it also absolutely won't be as strong as the previous Chemtech soul. The last version that was seen in the game was similar to Sion's passive and would briefly revive characters after death, which proved to be much too powerful. 

All in all, these alterations to the Chemtech Drake sound drastically more balanced than before. While it remains to be seen if this dragon returning to League of Legends will improve the game overall, we shouldn't have much longer to wait to see how fans respond to it. 

Are you glad to hear that the Chemtech Drake is coming back to League of Legends? And do you think that this dragon and its effects seem more balanced than before? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12