League of Legends Pros Break Record for Longest Match, Most CS

The final bout between SK Telecom T1 and Jin Air Green Wings resulted in the teams breaking not [...]

The final bout between SK Telecom T1 and Jin Air Green Wings resulted in the teams breaking not one but two records, the first being the longest professional League of Legends match and the second being the most CS earned in a game.

Jin Air ended up besting SKT in the final match of a series of three games, but not without the game going on to exhausting lengths. SKT is known for excelling in games that drag on as they scale into late game, but even those games usually only last around 40 minutes, maybe an hour if things are at a stalemate. The last game in the recent series of three pushed that number to a staggering 94-minute match.

Looking at the champion composition of both teams, it makes sense that the match could go that long. Both teams were organized in their pushes and moves towards objectives, and champions picked like Ornn who can set up serious initiations and Janna who can easily defuse them as well as waveclear champs like Sivir allowed the match to keep progressing. The perfect set of conditions was in place to allow these teams to battle for over an hour and a half, the ideal situation for the new Gathering Storm rune that grants damage as the game goes on should anyone have brought it.

And with the match taking so long, there was plenty of time to rack up as much CS as possible, the stat that tracks how many neutral monsters or enemy minions you've killed throughout the game. Jin Air's Park "Teddy" Jin-seong who played Sivir did just that by acquiring the most CS ever earned in a League of Legends game with a score of 1456. The previous record was 946, an already huge number that was beaten by a margin of over 500 CS, an entirely respectable score for a normal match in itself. By that point in the game though, everyone would've easily had their full item builds and wouldn't have much use for the gold outside of some Elixirs, but those minions still have to get pushed by someone.

The full replay of the match has now been uploaded and can be seen above with game three starting around the 5:58:00 mark, but be prepared to invest some time into it.