League of Legends Changes for Master Yi, Tryndamere Detailed

The work-in-progress buffs for both Tryndamere and Master Yi have been detailed ahead of the next [...]

The work-in-progress buffs for both Tryndamere and Master Yi have been detailed ahead of the next League of Legends PBE cycle that'll include the changes.

Following a brief summary from Riot Game's Rick "Ricklessabandon" Maher on Twitter where the Rioter talked about the straightforward and "more involved" changes for Tryndamere and Master Yi respectively, the Rioter is back with more information on the changes that'll affect the two melee champions. Starting with Tryndamere, the changes do look as straightforward as previewed with some raw stat increases and ability ratios receiving buffs.

The Master Yi changes, on the other hand, are indeed a bit more involved. These buffs affect his abilities rather than his base stats – his Alpha Strike (Q) and Meditate (W) being affected – and give him a new tool to work with in the form of some empowered auto attacks.

  • Alpha Strike (Q)
    • Cost: 70/~/110 >>> 70/~/90
  • Meditate (W)
    • Cooldown: 35>>>25
    • Healing per sec: 30/~/110 >>> 20/~/80
    • [removed] no longer amplifies healing based on missing health
    • [new] if full channel succeeds, next 3 attacks restore 30/~/50 (+20% bonus AD) health and reduce the remaining cooldown of his other abilities by 1 second.

Though his loses the amplified healing based on missing health, this change will reward Master Yi players for timing their Meditate ability after opponents have used up all of their CC so that they can return to the fray with more health gained from the next few auto attacks. Ricklessabandon also confirmed that the damage reduction and the auto attack reset gained from Meditate will be unchanged, so you can still use that move and Alpha Strike to stall a losing battle for a while and give your team time to catch up with your Highlander speed.

The empowered auto attacks that Master Yi receives after fully channeling his ability also appear to last indefinitely until the champion uses them up following his Meditate. Ricklessabandon confirmed that there's currently no time window on when the attacks expire with no plans at the moment to add a timer for their expiration.

Like any changes that make their way to the PBE, Ricklessabandon also said that these buffs for Master Yi and Tryndamere are simply starting points for what Riot hopes to achieve and aren't necessarily the end result. The buffs will be added to the 8.3 PBE cycle soon, so try them out for yourselves later if you have a PBE account.