League Of Legends' New Champion Kayn Can Escape By Leaving The Map

The newest upcoming League of Legends champion, the Darkin assassin called Kayn, has a couple more [...]

The newest upcoming League of Legends champion, the Darkin assassin called Kayn, has a couple more options than others when it comes to escaping ganks and pursuers. We already saw from his reveal that the jungler can walk through walls using his Shadow Step ability, but some players testing Kayn out have already discovered that he can actually leave the map briefly to foil his enemies' plans.

Kayn's easy escapes have likely been recreated several times now by crafty players, but one of the first talked-about revelations that he could walk through the edge-of-map walls comes from a Nightblu3 clip, a popular League of Legends streamer who's pretty comfortable in the jungle.

You can check out the full video above, courtesy of Nightblu3's YouTube page, to see how a game with Kayn can play out, but make sure you fast-forward to around the 9:20 mark to see Kayn's trick in action. Using his "E" ability, Shadow Step, Kayn can walk through walls, heal himself a bit, and have the duration of the walk extended after he steps through his first wall. Nightblu3 does that in his video at the map's edge to escape a 4-on-1 situation as his champion hovers over the empty space surrounding the Rift. It wasn't just a brief step into the wall either; Kayn goes pretty far outside the map, definitely farther than any champ before him, and he stays out there for quite a bit, too.

It didn't take long for the Twitch stream to hit Reddit, and users there were claiming that this was surely a bug and would be fixed. It appears that's not the case though, as champion designer DanielZKlein has confirmed that the mechanic is working as intended. He did say that there was a way to help prevent it though, and that's keeping Kayn in combat during his escape.

"When he enters combat, the remaining time of his E is capped at 1.5 seconds," he wrote in a response to the Reddit thread discussing the mechanic. "So if the remaining time was already less than that, nothing happens; if it was, say, 4s, it's reduced to 1.5s. This is what we call a balancing lever: if wall walking is too slippery, we can easily reduce this number and make Kayn less of a slippery fish."

Blitzcrank or Thresh hooks will also pull him out, much like grabbing a Bard out of the tunnel. This escape route looks like it's going to ship with the champ though and remain unchanged, something that could result in a lot more of Kayn being played in the top lane where he can ease out of the map and back to his turret.