New League of Legends Skins Teased for Thresh, Lucian, and Urgot

Riot Games is teasing three new devilish League of Legends skins, one each for Urgot, Lucian, and [...]

Riot Games is teasing three new devilish League of Legends skins, one each for Urgot, Lucian, and Thresh.

Instead of finding the skins through Twitter or Facebook like most League reveals are teased, players began reporting that they were receiving emails that included images for the three skins. The champions that each skin supposedly belongs to, but from the teaser test that accompanies each image, it seems clear who they're for.

Not everyone got the same teaser with players reporting that they'd received one and not the other, but a thread on Reddit brought all of the images together in one place. The initial thread was created to show off Lucian's skin while comments within the post had users saying that they'd received Urgot and Thresh emails as well. Twitter user ChloeAdour tweeted all the images side-by-side to give a comprehensive look at each of the skins being teased.

The text for Lucian and Thresh both reference devil-like themes while also alluding to the history between the two. Thresh infamously imprisoned the soul of Lucian's wife in his lantern, thus creating a rivalry between the two that extended beyond Lucian's mission to purge the Shadow Isles

Urgot's not connected to the other two champions lore-wise, but he's still a part of this new line of skins. The text in his teaser was roughly translated by a Redditor to reveal that it's referring to a monster built of steel, something that Urgot absolutely is.

"The devils live by our side," a Redditor translated. "Some devils are steel monsters, mass produced in the name of industry."

The new skin for Urgot was teased two months ago when Riot Games talked about the cosmetics coming for the Noxian imbued with Zaunite technology and Aurelion Sol. With the space dragon's skin revealed to be part of the Mecha line, Urgot's was expected to be something from a totally new set of skins.

That part looks to be true now, but we don't yet know what the skins will be called. It's been pointed out that these skins have a Western vibe to them, but there's certainly something else going on there. The multiple devil references give the skins a much darker theme, though they've likely got some Western influences in there considering what they're wearing.

The skins have the date of August 14 at the bottom of them except for Urgot's which has August 15, though that's likely a time zone difference if anything considering the language his text is in. That means that we can expect a full reveal of the skins tomorrow with in-game looks, prices, and what their real names are.