League of Legends Teases New Spirit Blossom Skins

League of Legends is poised to expand its Spirit Blossom line of skins soon with several new cosmetics teased this week ahead of the full reveal. The only known champion known so far to be getting a new Spirit Blossom skin is Sett, and it appears the story associated with this new Spirit Blossom event will revolve around him and his search for his estranged father. A couple of other teasers for additional champion skins were spotted in the trailer that confirmed Spirit Blossom Sett, but Riot Games hasn't yet revealed in full the next wave of Spirit Blossom skins.

The stylish Spirit Blossom cinematic below showed Sett speaking to his mother to narrate his journey for those just now tuning in on Sett's lore. He (or his Spirit Blossom self) sets out to look for his father and encounters several different spirits along the way. The Spirit of Chance and Spirit of Freedom, for example, were referenced at times in the trailer.

The official League of Legends Twitter account (which has been taken over by Lil Nas X, in case you were wondering what the deal is there) urged players to try and figure out what other champions were teased in the trailer, and players have indeed been cross-examining it to figure that out. Some ideas put forth by players have included ideas that Darius might be among the new Spirit Blossom skins given that a double-sided axe is seen at one point in the trailer. Vex is also a popular guess given that a champion of small stature is seen on a branch at one point, and the butterflies encased in three bubbles have inspired Syndra mains to hope that she's getting a new skin, too. We also see some small, flame-like aspects resembling meeps patrolling the forest grounds next to an object which looks a lot like the one Bard carries, so perhaps he's getting a Spirit Blossom skin as well.

Whatever the case is with the new skins, these will join the likes of Yasuo, Yone, Ahri, Lillia, and more who already have Spirit Blossom skins. Expect a full reveal soon to confirm exactly which champions will get new skins and what sort of event, if any, we'll see associated with this new release.