League Of Legends: Ornn Can Upgrade These 8 Items For Teammates

League of Legends’ upcoming champion, Orrn, now has a list that currently includes every item [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends' upcoming champion, Orrn, now has a list that currently includes every item the blacksmith champ will be able to upgrade for his teammates.

Through his passive ability, Ornn is able to shop at will for himself without having to return to his base as long as he's not engaged in combat. The latter half of this ability gives Ornn the power to flex his blacksmithing skills and upgrade certain items for his teammates, but after his reveal, the big question kept circulating in conversations: Which items can he upgrade?

Though the list of items that Ornn will be able to tinker with was expected to be revealed tomorrow when the champion and all his powerful abilities and stats hit the PBE, a Rioter has let players in on the specifics of Ornn's passive ability.

Simple enough, the items listed above are the ones that Ornn will be able to modify. These items are the only ones that he'll be able to touch for teammates, and contrary to what has been a misconception since his reveal, Ornn cannot shop for allies.

While these items could be purchased at any point in a build, they're all pretty expensive compared to smaller items, especially with the inclusion of Rabadon's Deathcap, an item that's usually only built if you have a massive surplus of gold at your disposal.

So what exactly do these upgrades come with? In a follow-up tweet, Blake Smith, one of the champion designers for League of Legends, added that they'll have increased stats from the base versions of the items that will cost different prices.

Aside from being a CC master, Ornn's list of upgradable items means that he'll most definitely be valued on a team. He can help out pretty much any member of his team except for perhaps a jungler who's already opting for a Cinderhulk, but if you're taking Ornn in the jungle anyway, that won't be too much of a problem.

The items were selected because they're iconic and recognizable while also being items that Ornn would be interested in buying, according to Smith.

This list is currently all that are for sure for now, but Smith replied to a tweet and said that they're considering swapping out Redemption for Ardent Censer, so the items may not be set in stone just yet.