League of Legends: Planned Changes for Rumble and Malzahar

.'What do you think of the proposed changes to Malzahar and Rumble? Do you think these are the [...]

Malzahar 4
(Photo: League of Legends)

The work never ends for League of Legends and Riot Games as they are still looking at more champions to change in upcoming patches. This time, they'll be taking a look at both Malzahar and Rumble.

Malzahar will be happening during 7.11 as they felt as if they didn't have enough time to properly test out the changes. "Changes in testing last patch cycle are back, both changes to Voidlings and putting some damage into the beam, not just pool, on the R," said Meddler, League of Legends Lead Gameplay Designer. "These felt close to there last patch, we ended up delaying them because of how late the beam change went in though and how little testing it consequently got." Meddler previously confirmed the 7.11 changes and said, "We'll be holding the Malz ones till 7.11 (probably) however to take a bit more time to work on those. One likely change is adjusting the R so its damage is split between pool and beam, which amongst other things gives better counterplay when there are multiple enemies around (ability to interrupt) and therefore hopefully allows us to put a bit more power into its ratio."

As for Rumble, Meddler and the rest of the League of Legends team are looking to just tweak Rumble's kit a bit. "Looking at game health and roughly power neutral changes. Moving some power into Overheat AAs out of Q, reducing W duration slightly to reward specific timing more versus cycling for Heat," said Meddler. Another change they are working on includes making him "feel" better to use. Meddler explained and said, "Testing out some improvements to auto attack feel as well (potentially animation improvements and/or a bit of extra range/movement speed while Overheating)."

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