'League of Legends' Player Tests Riot Games' "Meta" Diana Build

A League of Legends player took Riot Games’ questionable Diana build for a spin and built [...]

A League of Legends player took Riot Games' questionable Diana build for a spin and built several Wit's Ends on the champion, the games ending with mixed results.

The League player by the name of LittleBroPanda – LittleBrotherPanda on YouTube – shared the video above that showed them trying out the "Is it meta?" build Riot Games proposed in a recent video. Instead of building the normal items that would usually be bought for Diana, they stacked multiple Wit's Ends on the champion with a few Dark Seals and pairs of boots mixed into the formula.

As one player pointed out in the video, a lot of value was lost by purchasing multiple Wit's Ends since the item has two unique passives that don't stack on top of each other, but it was nonetheless the build that Riot Games recommended as part of the preseason experiments. Diana's typically excels at bursting down enemy champions, and the experimentation in the video above shows that doesn't change when she has several Wit's Ends, it just works a bit differently when she's emphasizing attack speed and magic resist over strictly building ability power.

At the end of the video, the player shared the results of several games played as Diana with multiple Wit's Ends built during the matches. The results were almost entirely losses save for one victory, all of them happening in ranked games at that.

League of Legends Diana
(Photo: LittleBrotherPanda)

The player shared evidence of the build's failure on Reddit and said whichever Riot Games employee suggested the build needed a talking to. They admitted Diana had a lot more nuance than they'd initially thought and the admitted that the build hits a nice powerspike once the first Wit's End is built, but it falls off soon after that. The build was attempted without the Lethal Temp Keystone Rune being used though, so perhaps someone can make it work if they construct it the right way.

"Seriously though, this build sucks," the player said. "Whoever at Riot recommended this build needs a stern talking to. ITS NOT EVEN FUN. Caps out on attack speed pretty early because you get attack speed on your passive. You are spending 2.4k gold for 720g worth of magic resist after the 3rd wits end. I had to give up and sell my wits end for actual items on my last game. I guess this build brought me to my wits' end."

The League of Legends video from Riot Games that the experimental Diana build originated from can be seen here.