League of Legends: Riot Tells You What To Do With Trolls or Feeders (Or Both!)

Queuing up with trolls or feeders is one of the worst things in the world. Nothing makes your [...]

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Queuing up with trolls or feeders is one of the worst things in the world. Nothing makes your blood boil than someone who whines and intentionally feeds or is incredibly toxic throughout the game. Riot knows that people within League of Legends create accounts solely to do this and have given you a quick guide on how to deal with some of these occurrences.

Here are five ways Riot wants you to deal with trolls and/or feeders.


Communication can be a really effective way to pull your team together and see if it's possible to play around the uncooperative team member. A 4v5 game is annoying, but still winnable. Keeping a cool head and working with your teammates can help you rally to a surprise victory. It's also worth making an effort to communicate with the troll, at least at first.

Mute Them

If the troll is distracting and unhelpful, but your team wants to win, mute the player and/or their pings to keep your focus on the game.

Report The Player

Flag this player for feeding/trolling so we can try and limit their impact on other games.


Unfortunately, some games are unwinnable. If you think this is the case and your team agrees, surrender as soon as you can. Getting out of a bad game quickly can minimize that game's impact on your mood, and on your next game.

Queue Dodge

Dodging is an option, but it does carry consequences. It's definitely not an ideal solution, and if you dodge because you're in champ select with a troll and get penalized, it feels really bad (something we know is a problem and have eyes on). If it looks like the game is going to be impossible to win because of a troll player, dodging is a last-ditch way to protect yourself.

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