Here Are the Rune Paths League of Legends Players Are Using the Most

You’ve no doubt got your safe picks and unique rune builds already being tested after League of [...]

League of Legends Tristana
(Photo: Riot Games)

You've no doubt got your safe picks and unique rune builds already being tested after League of Legends' preseason update, but if you're wondering which rune paths and Keystone Runes players are taking the most, Riot Games has an answer for you.

Though players can make several different combinations with the rune paths by choosing two to take into battle, it's actually the same two rune paths that are being chosen most often. The two most popular options are Precision as the primary path and Domination as the secondary, the second option being the inverse of the first, according to Riot Meddler.

"For anyone interested we're seeing some pretty strong trends in terms of what players are using so far," Riot Meddler said. "Precision/Domination and Domination/Precision are the clear favorites, though generally not the most effective on many champs."

It's interesting that Meddler notes how these two paths probably aren't the most effective on many champs, yet they're being chosen regardless. These paths are all about dealing damage and taking champions down, so it could be the draw to power that's pulling players away from other options like Resolve, Inspiration, the latter of which is the most unpopular path so far.

"Lot of people seem to be avoiding Resolve/Inspiration as secondaries when they'd be great choices (e.g. tough lanes)," Meddler continued. "That's not surprising though, we figured there'd be a lot of double damage tree use early on given that looks fun and with the ranked season over people aren't playing quite as competitively."

While the rune paths that include less damage might not be the most popular options, their Keystone Runes are doing well so far compared to the others. Grasp of the Undying would be an expected pick as a returning Keystone Mastery, but the other two Keystone Runes in the Resolve tree as well as one from Sorcery path are proving to be quite impactful.

"Some keystones are performing quite well, with Aftershock, Guardian and Summon: Aery being ones we're watching particularly closely," Meddler added. "Aftershock goes really well on some champs for example (those with pick/lockdown combos). Aery seems to outperform Comet on some champs who should be good Comet users, assumedly because of its higher reliability."

It's still early in the rune-crafting process though, so players will undoubtedly take new rune combinations and explore other options as the meta evolves.