My Hero Academia Reveals Shigaraki's Final Words

My Hero Academia has revealed the final words of Tomura Shigaraki, and they remind us that the archvillain stood on business.

My Hero Academia has revealed the final words spoken by series villain Tomura Shigaraki – and they certainly cement the character and philosophy as uniquely static – especially for a Shonen manga antagonist. 


My Hero Academia Chapter 423 delivers the series' ultimate climax, as Izuku Midoriya puts every last bit of his power and resolve (and then some) into the final decisive blow against Shigaraki and his master All For One, in their nightmarish final form. All For One had taken complete command of Shigaraki's body; thanks to help from all of his allies (and even some enemies like High-End Nomu Kurogiri), as well as the remaining echoes of One For All's past users, Deku can literally and figuratively annihilate All For One's shell, and get to what remained of Tomura Shigaraki (aka Tenko Shimura) inside. 

In true Shonen tradition, Izuku and Shigaraki get a dream (or psychic) plane sequence to discuss their rivalry as Shigaraki/All For One's body is dying and disintegrating into nothingness. Shigaraki wonders out loud if it wasn't his grandmother, One For All's Seventh User Nina Shimura, who used her "echo" to save the last bit of Shigaraki that was trapped inside of All For One. After that, Shigaraki is simply left to lament that just when he got his body back, he had to watch his dream of endless destruction disintegrate along with it. 

In fact: Shigaraki makes it his last testament to tell Deku to pass on a message after he's gone: 

"If Spinner survived this, tell him, that even to the bitter end, Tomura Shigaraki kept fighting to destroy." 

Shigaraki's Final Words Explained 

(Photo: TOHO Animation)

The defining quality of Tomura Shigaraki has been his indomitable will, which was the unique trait that made him a viable vessel for All For One and all of his stolen quirks. Shigaraki was a walking metaphor for the often overlooked cost of being a superhero – i.e., the neglect of those in your personal life. The tragic nature of Shigaraki's disintegration quirk also spoke to the dangers of what can happen when those who are different get pushed to the fringes, and become symbols for so many other angry souls waiting in those wings. 

Shigaraki's final words reinforce that his will was never broken or changed – despite everything he'd been through. It may not mean much for Shigraki (now that he's gone), but it is a significant moment for Izuku Midoriya. Deku went into this final battle with the spirit that he could "save" Tenko Shimura from All For One and "Shigaraki," but he's now had to face the proof that some souls can't be redeemed. How that changes Midoriya (or not) will be the real, deeper, "conclusion" to My Hero Academia's story. 

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