Life By You Delays Early Access Indefinitely

Upcoming life sim Life By You has been delayed once again.

Over the last few months, the life sim genre has become a little crowded, at least in terms of announced games. The Sims 4 remains on top of the heap, but several new projects are coming down the pike. That list includes games like inZOI, Paralives, and Life By You. The latter was finally given an early access release date late last month and was supposed to launch on June 4th. However, the publishers at Paradox Interactive unfortunately had to walk that date back earlier today, delaying Life By You indefinitely.

Life By You Delayed Indefiniably 


The update was posted to the Paradox forums earlier today. There, Paradox deputy CEO said, "After much consideration, we regret to announce that we have decided to retract Life by You's Early Access release date, previously set for June 4th. This was not an easy decision, especially since we understand the anticipation and excitement that many players have for the game. However, we believe that additional development time is needed.

While we would have preferred to commit to a new release window, we believe it is more prudent to hold off while we plan ahead, rather than committing to a new date that we cannot be certain to meet."

Of course, with projects like this, you want to give developers plenty of time to get things right. Sure, Life By You is launching in early access, but it's still important to nail your launch even if you plan to grow the game alongside the community. Look at all the successful early-access games we've seen this year. If developers launch a product that's not relatively solid out of the gate, they risk losing their audience quickly.

Hopefully, we'll hear more about Life By You over the next few months. Considering we're only a few weeks away from the original release date, it seems likely that we'll see the game hit early access relatively soon. This doesn't seem like a full revamp that'll take several months, but you never know the twists and turns development will take. 

It's also worth noting that Life By You isn't at risk of having its lunch eaten anytime soon. Developer Electronic Arts hasn't given any indication that it plans to release The Sims 5 within the next few months, and inZOI and Paralives won't launch until the end of the year, at the earliest. It's safe to say the developers at Paradox have plenty of time to beat the rush while making the effort to squash as many bugs as possible.