League of Legends Is Adding Skin Descriptions to the Collections Tab

Starting with the release of Patch 8.2 descriptions for League of Legends skins will be found [...]

Arcade Ahri
(Photo: Riot Games)

Starting with the release of Patch 8.2 descriptions for League of Legends skins will be found within the Skins Collection Tab.

The decision to include a brief blurb about an owned skin was announced on Tuesday when Riot Stellari explained the reasoning behind the added detail. Adding the descriptions to the game's many, many skins is part of an effort to further build on the story behind the skins whether the cosmetics are goofy additions or alternate reality skin lines like the Project, Program, and Battlecast skins.

"Sometimes we've shown you these stories through animations, comics, or short stories, etc… but a lot of times that background story remains head-canon and never leaves our brains...which is a shame," Riot Stellari explained. "We want to start showing you more skin related 'lore' and background information, and adding descriptions to skins is one step in doing that."

Both the Omega Squad and the Immortal Journey skins were used as examples of skin lore that was either successfully communicated or failed to be noticed. With the worn photograph-like technique used on the Omega Squad splash arts and the inclusion of a younger Teemo in each image, Stellari said that many players figured out that the Omega Squad team of Veigar, Twitch, Tristana, and Fizz were Omega Squad Teemo's mentors before he got pretty dark. The Immortal Journey skins, on the other hand, didn't translate their lore quite as well. Master Yi was in love with Janna in the skins' universe, but that story didn't make it to players as clearly as the Omega Squad lore.

With so many skins in the game, Stellari said that organizing the skins and creating their descriptions is going to be an "ongoing process" and will sometimes even involve creating a backstory for a skin that might not already have one. The descriptions will first be seen in Patch 8.2 with the more prominent skin lines receiving the treatment first, but expect to have all of your favorite skins described at some point in your Skins Collection Tab.