New League of Legends Game Mode Combines ARURF and Poros

A new wintery game mode is coming to League of Legends that pulls elements from ARAM and URF to [...]

League of Legends Snow Battle ARURF
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new wintery game mode is coming to League of Legends that pulls elements from ARAM and URF to create one intense mode called Snow Battle ARURF.

You'll see Poros being tossed around in the game mode, but not on the Howling Abyss. This game mode that's been created for this year's Snowdown events is exclusive to Summoner's Rift with several changes made to the available Summoner Spells and playable champions.

The 2-in-1 Mark and Dash ability that's found in ARAM will be usable in Snow Battle ARURF, but it's been amped up to allow you to close the distance with extreme speed. Flash is also seeing some changes, both of which were outlined in the PBE post on the League boards.

  • Flash: The same old Flash you know and love, now with a 60s cooldown
  • Ultra (Rapidly Flung) Mark // Ultra (Really Fast) Dash: All that exercise has paid off -- champions can now throw snowballs really, really, really far. Who needs teleport when you can do this every 16 seconds:

The "really, really, really" far part of the description is 100 percent accurate judging from the screenshot provided within the post. The range of the ability almost spans the entire map depending on where you're at, and its insanely-low cooldown will make sure you're always traveling at high speeds. Landing it on a champion from that distance might be difficult, but seasoned ARAM players will know that strategically hitting a minion can be just as impactful as marking a champion.

League of Legends Snow ARURF Champions

You won't be able to play as every champion in Snow Battle ARURF though, only those that have been preselected and are shown above. If the champion has a frigid skin from either the Snow Day line or other wintery themes, you'll be able to play as that champ. Their themed skin will automatically be locked in as well, even if you don't own it.

The new game mode will only be around for the winter, so make sure to play it as much as you can if you enjoy the ARURF twist. It'll soon be on the PBE for testing, but look for it on the live servers after that.