League of Legends: The Future of The Practice Tool

For the longest while, a practice tool is all League of Legends fans wanted. An opportunity to [...]

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For the longest while, a practice tool is all League of Legends fans wanted. An opportunity to fine-tune their skills or to quickly try something out. But what do we know about League of Legends players? We're never satisfied.

You can give us everything we want but we'll always want more. Since the addition of the practice tool, players have wanted more from the mode.

L4T3NCY, the Lead Designer of Rotating Game Modes said, "With Practice Tool, we wanted to focus on giving the best value to the widest group of players possible. Last hitting, combo mechanics, jungling, etc. are beneficial for all players from Bronze to Challenger, especially if you just want to quickly test something out on a champ."

He also went and touched on the ideas that some players have had and said, "Expanding beyond this functionality into a full scrimming tool, or a multiplayer sandbox, or a 'custom game maker' are each a significantly larger undertaking than the original Practice Tool, and at the moment there are just higher priorities and bigger opportunities for us to focus on — especially since Practice Tool in it's current 'training gym' form still serves most of the needs for 'shooting hoops' in League."

So what's in store for the practice tool? "For the short-term, Practice Tool isn't perfect as it stands right now (far from it). We want to update it with some quality-of-life tweaks and will of course continue to support any new large gameplay systems (like jungle plants) that get added. Some things currently on our radar (not a guarantee but we're looking at them) include some more target dummy controls for tankiness or movement, being able to add more enemy AI bots, global range for item shopping and fixing stacking items to work with the Cooldown refresh."

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