League of Legends: Upcoming Kindred Changes

Kindred 0
(Photo: League of Legends)

League of Legends is taking another champion and changing them up completely. This time on the operating table it's Kindred. As it stands, Kindred is actually quite successful as a jungler. Her 50.84% win rate is 11th among all junglers. Her play rate is at 1.62%, a middle of the pack mark.

With the new changes, Riot wants to make Kindred's abilities feel more satisfying as well as let her kite like a true marksman.

As per Riot, here are the upcoming changes for Kindred:

Q - Dance of Arrows

  • No longer gains base damage per stack of Mark of the Kindred
  • Now grants Kindred 10/15/20/25/30% attack speed for 4 seconds on cast, increased by 5% per stack of Mark of the Kindred
  • AD Ratio :: Changed from 0.2 Total AD ratio >>> 0.75 Bonus AD Ratio
  • Base Vault Speed :: increased from 400 >>> 500

W - Wolf's Frenzy

  • Can now send Wolf to a position within 500 units of Lamb before creating the hunting territory. Wolf can go over walls.
  • Wolf now deals magic damage instead of physical damage
  • Wolf now deals an additional 1.5% of the target's current health per attack as base damage, increased by 0.5% per stack of Mark of the Kindred
  • AD Ratio :: 0.4 Total AD ratio >>> 0.2 Bonus AD Ratio

E - Mounting Dread

  • Damage Type of Wolf's Attack :: Changed from physical >>> magic
  • Base damage :: Reduced from 40/75/110/145/180 >>> 40/60/80/100/120
  • Missile Speed of Wolf's attack :: Increased from 1600 >>> 2000
  • AD Ratio :: 0.2 Total AD ratio >>> 0.8 Bonus AD Ratio
  • % Health Damage :: Changed from 5% max health damage >>> 8% Missing Health damage, increased by 0.5% per stack of Mark of the Kindred
  • Jaws of Death :: Wolf's attack critically strikes targets below 15% health for 50% more damage. Critical Strike chance increases the % health threshold for this critical strike to occur by 0.5% per 1% crit chance.

Passive - Mark of The Kindred

  • No longer grants Lamb bonus % current health damage on her basic attacks
  • Now amplifies all of Kindred's basic abilities per stack as outlined above
  • Every 4 marks increases Kindred's basic attack, Dance of Arrows and Mounting Dread's cast range. The first 4 marks increase their ranges by 75, while every 4 marks after increase their ranges by 25.

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