League of Legends Update Will Make Rise of the Sentinels Event Less Grindy

League of Legends players who’ve been active in the game throughout the past week or so have had [...]

League of Legends players who've been active in the game throughout the past week or so have had the chance to delve further into the Rise of the Sentinels event. If you haven't looked into it much at all, you've undoubtedly been getting the prompts to progress through it and collect rewards, but for those who have been participating, those prompts haven't been coming quite as quickly as they would've hoped due to a slower-than-expected rate of progression. Riot Games said it'll be alleviating some of those frustrations on July 22nd with an update that'll add a repeatable mission for players to complete.

That mission will grant players 600 points towards their Rise of the Sentinels event each time they complete the mission. The example image below shared by Riot showed that it takes 250 points to complete the fourth Freljord mission in the event, so 600 points should go a long way when you're trying to progress through the event. More points are required to meet milestones as you make your way deeper into the event, but 600 points is still nothing to scoff at.

What's even better is that the mission that grants those points is completed simply by playing one game, and it doesn't even have to be a full Summoner's Rift match either. It can be one of those matches or a game of ARAM or even Teamfight Tactics. If you've been busy with the new Ultimate Spellbook mode, that counts, too.

This recurring mission won't be live until July 22nd, but that'll still give players plenty of time to catch up or move forward since the event continues until August 9th. It's a welcome addition to the event, too, since the Rise of the Sentinels event does have a lot of parts to it. It might look small at first, but once you progress to where you can pick a region and have to complete challenges within that region before moving onto the next one, Runeterra starts to look much bigger.

Those who are just playing their games and passively completing missions and reaping the rewards of the event may not have noticed its grindy nature, but the recurring mission should help out everyone regardless of how invested in the Sentinels story you've become.

League of Legends' next update with this new Rise of the Sentinels mission and more will be live on July 22nd.