League of Legends: Wild Rift Adds Renekton and Another Nemesis Duel

Riot Games announced not long ago its plans to introduce a feature called “Nemesis Duels” to [...]

Riot Games announced not long ago its plans to introduce a feature called "Nemesis Duels" to League of Legends: Wild Rift. This lore-driven feature consists of in-game quests that pop up when the right champions are on the right teams and certain requirements have been met, and the winners of these Nemesis Duels receive buffs that power up their victorious champions. The Nemesis Duels started with Rengar and Kha'Zix, and with the introduction of Renekton to Wild Rift, we now have another one: Renekton vs. Nasus.

Renekton and Nasus, for those who don't know their backstories, are brothers. You can read more about their stories through League's Universe page, but the short version of their story is that Renekton went insane and blames Nasus for his downfall, a grudge that pits the two against one another.

It's a story worth reading for lore buffs, but for Wild Rift players, all you need to know is how the Nemesis Duel between the two will work. Riot provided some details on that matter to go along with Renekton's release to show players how they could kick off their Renekton vs. Nasus quest in-game.

Both champions have to be alive and relatively high levels, though it wasn't specified exactly what those levels needed to be. They also have to be out of combat and away from each other to trigger the quest. If you can meet all those requirements with the two on opposite teams, the fight is on.

Just as the Rengar vs. Kha'Zix quest works, whichever champion wins the new Nemesis Duel gets a pretty helpful buff to assist them throughout the rest of the fight. If Nasus wins, his Siphoning Strike, the signature ability that ramps up its power of the course of the game, will permanently hit all enemies within a certain radius. Renekton winning will grant him maximum Fury throughout the entirety of his Dominus ultimate. Neither buff is one to scoff at, so it's best you don't ignore the quest if it pops up in your game.

Even if you're not playing as Renekton or Nasus, you can still help your teammates win their quests. The champions only need to score a takedown on their opponent which means killing them outright or doing damage to them within three seconds of a death.

The Renekton vs. Nasus fight now makes two Nemesis Duels in Wild Rift, but we'll expect to see more added later on.