League Of Legends: Yasuo Wins More And Dies More Than Riven

Mentioning either Yasuo or Riven can hardly be done in League of Legends without the other champ [...]

Yasuo Riven Stats

Mentioning either Yasuo or Riven can hardly be done in League of Legends without the other champ being brought to mind, whether it's due to lore, the carry-champ relationship, or discussions of who feeds more. Timed well with the Order vs. Chaos event that pit Riven and Yasuo against each other, two Riot Games employees, one representing each champ, discussed some recent data to figure out which champ wins more games, who's harder to master, and other contested stats.

Riot Jeopardy and Riot Blaustoise — Riven and Yasuo players, respectively — looked at data compiled by gameplay analyst Benign Lime concerning how Riven and Yasuo performed in ranked games from May 20-June 1. The first stat that they looked at was one that everyone quotes when it comes to champs: Win rates. Yasuo's win rate is just barely higher than Riven's from the data overall at 50.3 percent as opposed to Riven's solid 50 percent, but it looks like those teams blessed with having both Yasuo and Riven working together actually end up working out pretty well.

"But what happens when two unstoppable instalocks meet an immovable team comp amidst cries of "oh god we need magic damage?" Blaustoise joked. "Despite the mixed-damage tears of the other three innocent souls trapped in champ select, the win rate when Yasuo and Riven are on the same team is 50.0%."

Those win rates change when looking at the Challenger tier though, as Riven pulls ahead to a 54.6 percent win rate in that rank while Yasuo stays at 50 percent.

But when it comes to the most important stats for Riven and Yasuo players such as killing more enemies and dealing more damage, Yasuo is on top. He nets more multi kills and does more damage to everything, but with that comes the trade-off of having one more death than Riven per game.

Riven Yasuo Multi Kills
(Photo: Riot Games)

Without a cool skin to show off though, does the damage dealt and games won really matter? Win rates by skins were also compared between the two champs, and it was found that Riven's 2016 Championship skin carries a 52.8 percent win rate while Yasuo's blood moon tops his chart at 52.6 percent.

These were just some of the stats that were released on the two champions, but Jeopardy and Blaustoise unloaded many more numbers related to other factors including mastery curves and KDAs. Whichever side you pick, you can justify your decision with the full list of stats that can be found here.